Mar. 18th, 2014 06:42 pm
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Long day. Long days in general. 10hrs of working + 3hrs of commuting is lots of hours of not being in my house/bed. My secondment very definitely ends on the 31st, so perhaps normal can return after that.

Thinking forward to adventures and time off. Next holiday (CP Event 1) in 7 weeks. Been doing lots of IC back and forth with another player which has been enjoyable, and feeling like I have a much better grasp of the character & what I'm going to do this year. With the way the system is structured, the 9 month off-season often leads me to spend half the first event getting into character and only really get my game on on the last day, which isn't a lot of good. Trying to counteract this by skipping the Thursday nights - saves annual leave and using all my social energy on first day - and doing the mentioned off-season nerd writing, which I think should fix the 'whuh, I'm in a field in harem pants' not-in-headspace-to-LARP problem. Also, writing! I used to do this quite a lot.

This weekend I'm going to try to shop for two things I hate shopping for (shoes, bras) - both of which are sorely needed, and both of which I would like to be cute and maybe red. Also getting some hanging out time with my brother, who is home in Huddersfield for a bit amid his exciting busy schedule of conferences across Europe (he's just spent a month in France). We are in interestingly different worlds lately. He has some good stories to tell, I just need to keep them in simple non mathsy terms that I can understand, and I can then amuse him with bits of business jargon I come across in my day.


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