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I definitely have more than Con 9, as this is the first time I've been properly ill in a long while. Unpleasant, unused to this. Some viral winter thing, everyone in my Tuesday night game has had it - I caught a cold while they were all suffering, was impressed by my immunity, then got the actual thing that everyone else has had. Through the 'actually dying' phase and now just in the 'about as much energy as a wet noodle' phase.

Cannot stress enough how un-fun this is.

On the plus side, once I was able to resume knitting (that was my litmus as to whether to call in sick - well enough to knit = should be at work) I managed to finish my green shawl. Helpfully, it used up exactly one ball of yarn, which leaves the other ball I bought for other projects. It'd make cool socks and was nice to work with.

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Did not Valentines due to unhealth, also me & fella are bitter separees and unimpressed with the thing, and also it's kind of early days and V-day is all 'committed'. However, we are meeting up tonight to eat venison from the deer-breaking (or he is turning up at my house to cook venison while I stay mostly horizontal).
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I get through a lot of smoothies, this is an expensive habit. Don't know if my proposed fix is any less expensive, but it's fun. I want to label the bottle 'health potion'.

Sainsburys Value blender + bag of fruit and veg =

Contains: blueberries, banana, pear, beetroot, spinach, bit of root ginger, honey, OJ to make it runny enough to drink rather than eat with a spoon.

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, it's palatable, and that's more veg than I would eat in a week if left to own devices.


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