Oct. 27th, 2013 04:11 pm
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Today I discovered Unfuck your habitat - sound housekeeping strategies that do not judge the lazy. After some application of these techniques, house is now mostly bright and sparkly, I can access my cookbook shelf and floor lamp switch without gymnastic straining, and I even found my ukulele under some of the clutter.

Doing domestic things feels cosy, possibly as there's a huge storm coming and the wind is already starting to pick up - wanting to skitter around house a lot and make it comfortable and pleasing. Made some sloe gin earlier in the week, using sloes picked during a trip to Shropshire earlier in the month - they don't seem common around here. Also cooked (stew) and knitted (sweater). Dramatic bad weather used to be more exciting before I had to worry about things like if my buildings insurance covers me for my roof falling off, or odds of being blown away trying to get to work. (this could happen. I work next door to this thing and its well known effect of funneling high winds)

Also - went LARP kit shopping yesterday at the LARP Awareness Party in Leeds, and came away with a modest haul:

- Surgeon's toolkit, fully LARP safe and with a horribly sadistic looking hook that will solely be used for healing purposes
- Custom order for some openwork leather bracers - the custom is to make them womansized - to tie my spell cards to
- Spray for latex weapon care
- pleasing beads of unknown substance, the seller thinks coconut shell. Going to incorporate them into my kit.

It was a pretty impressive event, lots of traders, talks and stalls - don't know how much awareness of LARP was raised as I'd imagine most of the people there are already LARPers, but friend (in full kit) definitely got a number of admiring looks on our way out.


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