Mar. 16th, 2016 07:51 pm
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Is my age now. I perceive it as a slightly yellowy number. I'm told it is not usual to associate numbers with colours. I thought everyone did that.

I'm well, Bella the cat is also. Current projects include applying the KonMari method to my house/possessions (really satisfying), playing with my new pressure cooker, and GM-ing a tabletop game. That's going swimmingly. Going mad with the power.

Wow, I miss written blog format. May do it some more.
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I appear to still have a blog. Hello, blog.

So, the past eight months, then!


This is Bella and she is my favourite person. We have great conversations. She bites me sometimes, but we're working on that.

I have been knitting. Made a cardigan, a shawl and a couple of smaller items. Tomorrow I plan to buy yarn for my next big project - a proper traditional Fair Isle vest for Dad.

I have been working - started a 6 month contract in 2012, just completed my three years' service, so that could be said to have gone quite well. Mostly doing schedule stuff at the moment, so I spend most of my day looking at pastel-coloured excel spreadsheets of my own design, and hopefully getting better at managing projects in the process.

Have LARPed and am properly back in the swing. My new faction felt a little closed and not overwhelmingly friendly at first, but once tendrilised properly, they are good folk and have made us feel very much at home. Kelka (my troll character) being both easy to play and a happy mix of ridiculous and tragic is helping. I won a Fayre competition (best ritual performed by non-ritualists). Did try another system (Serenity), which has potential - although I managed to get written up in the 'incident book' before time in - for getting run over by a runaway gazebo. This really happened. The gazebo was more damaged than I. Might be back but am staying well away from the tents.

Went on a 90 mile pub crawl over North Yorkshire and could get into this hiking thing, maybe.

I am still in a happy relationship with a lovely creature. We are provisionally planning to set up home together next year, probably over the other side of Huddersfield, as commute-compromise. This plan depends on all sorts of things. But looking promising.

How are you alls?
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Been to see it, and there's a review up on my Tumblr.
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First time in some years, I am not working on Christmas Eve.



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No Craft Night last night, so came home, ate steak and raided on WoW instead. First Garrosh kill! \o/ Best part - where the entire raid paused to /laugh at Thrall getting punched across the room.

Next thing to do will probably be the warlock green fire quest, although I'm a bit intimidated by it and am tempted to throw gear at it until it's easy(er) - but that would probably be the wrong way and would diminish the sense of achievement. Still, 100g repair bills are not enjoyable.

Next weekend - Whitby holiday. Weekend after - LARP. Yeh, was never going to get NaNo done this year, but the lack of novel has been good for my ilvl and sanity both.
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Today I

- tidied drinks cupboard
- bottled sloe gin
- knitted some of the Blood Elf Bandit Mask
- prepared kimchi, now ready to ferment
- painted my toenails green/gold
- cleaned kitchen a bit
- washed knitted socks
- thinned and repotted my Marshmallow plants

Not bad going for a post LARP Monday, and it's only 4.30. I had fun monstering the Celestial College event. Always think it's worth taking the Mondays off if I can spare the holidays, to give the aching muscles and residual tiredness chance to dissipate.

Kind of looking forward to work tomorrow, actually. Have obtained a new position doing the thing I've been doing seconded for a while, only it has 'Manager' in the title so there is very little now stopping me just going mad with power. It is also Halloween at the end of the week, and then it'll be November when I get to have a Whitby holiday, and of course do more LARP.


Right. I still have troll hands to make and a few house tasks to take care of, including the disliked 'iron the workpants'. Better go and do things.

Oh, life

Sep. 23rd, 2014 08:24 pm
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Sad times! OhLife is shutting down. I've been intermittently keeping a diary there since February 2013 so am sorry to lose it - although it may encourage more blogging and less secretive journal keeping. Maybe I have a secretive nature? Making this post public then to prove this is not the case. I suppose when blogging I get hyper-aware of my audience and start to overthink things. I'm also not allowed to blog about work (8.5+ hours of my day) and no-one would read blog posts about commuting (3 hours) or sleeping/eating (the rest of the time).

*hyperawareness speaks* Jen, your life sounds really boring. Fixitfixit!

Actually some good stuff is going on (albeit mostly on weekends) - got some winter LARPs booked in, possible Whitby trip soon with my man person, planning to paint a mural on one of the (interior) walls of my house, and might be doing NaNoWriMo. Possibly. Anyone else in this year?
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Eight months into the campaign, and it takes the end of the world to make my character finally pluck up the courage to kiss the man (well, humanoid) she loves. Apparently RP characters are about as shy and socially awkward as RPers.

Cute, though. The tentacle-related activities later probably less so. (his, I should add. I don't exclusively play characters with tentacles)
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Have a plan for outdoor grilling of meat today with friends. Of course, it's raining. FML.

However, even if sitting outdoors is impossible, I made slaw and sweet potato mash and strawberry cordial and I think the BBQ (lidded) will still work in the rain.

Having people round is a little anxiety-inducing still. I'm not so ridiculously houseproud that I worry they will disapprove of when I last dusted, but it's still my home and probably contains a few soul pieces. Happily they are good people, and I am trying to be more social. Was discussing with BF about how he needs his regular 'people crack' fix (extrovert) whereas I kind of don't, but I become odd and start to play the Sims if I don't make efforts to regularly talk to humans.
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Today was nice. Walked a circuit around Hepworth, a part of the world I haven't really visited before.

Cold enough for layers + coat, quite glad not to be LARPing this weekend. It feels very almost spring, wood anemones and buttercups abundant but bluebells and wild garlic not quite out yet. Climbed some hills and did not die, despite pretty much no physical exertion in quite some time. Good company too, even if companion seemed to get hit with an uncanny number of dex/balance fails, nearly ending up in the river a couple of times. That's usually my thing, perhaps it's catching. We were both feeling zingy because nature and sun (and a large pub lunch) - agreed we'd do this again soon.

After getting home, I caught up on Vikings S2 (:D) and knitted about 4'' of sock. As days go, feel like this one was successful.
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Not so long ago I used to work on supermarket checkouts, and one of the ways I would amuse myself during my boring shifts would be to make assumptions about people based on their shopping.

Had my former self been serving me tonight as I purchased only gin and ice cream, I can guess what I would've thought.

Proper dinner is in the oven, honest. *puts down spoon*

Ow, ow, ow

Mar. 23rd, 2014 07:14 pm
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I ate food, that was the mistake. Food that isn't ramen or a select range of other things can cause jenpain, quite a lot. I'm not actually that picky, I like the taste of a lot of foods, I just don't want to suffer afterwards. Not good, I am aware. This has been investigated before to no outcome, and am pretty reluctant to deal with our local GPs unless actually dying due to numerous substandard-to-bad experiences in the past. So I suppose I'll complain instead.

'Aha' says back, 'why is digestive system receiving all the attention? Time to inflict some pain too.' -_- FFS fleshly body. Seeing the appeal of ascent to lichdom.

On the upside, today I arranged train travel at £92 less than the face value of the tickets to get to Buckinghamshire and back, and also went to Ikea and saw the boyfriend and purchased a drinking glass with pink flamingoes on. The boyfriend is very nice. He is happy and it's sort of contagious.

Need to not spend any more til I get paid. Unexpected bill from previous-house overpaid HB, new blinds, new work shoes, and few sushi slipups, has made it a bit of a costly month. Doable, though. In previous life, an unexpected £130 bill would have sunk me/us.


Mar. 18th, 2014 06:42 pm
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Long day. Long days in general. 10hrs of working + 3hrs of commuting is lots of hours of not being in my house/bed. My secondment very definitely ends on the 31st, so perhaps normal can return after that.

Thinking forward to adventures and time off. Next holiday (CP Event 1) in 7 weeks. Been doing lots of IC back and forth with another player which has been enjoyable, and feeling like I have a much better grasp of the character & what I'm going to do this year. With the way the system is structured, the 9 month off-season often leads me to spend half the first event getting into character and only really get my game on on the last day, which isn't a lot of good. Trying to counteract this by skipping the Thursday nights - saves annual leave and using all my social energy on first day - and doing the mentioned off-season nerd writing, which I think should fix the 'whuh, I'm in a field in harem pants' not-in-headspace-to-LARP problem. Also, writing! I used to do this quite a lot.

This weekend I'm going to try to shop for two things I hate shopping for (shoes, bras) - both of which are sorely needed, and both of which I would like to be cute and maybe red. Also getting some hanging out time with my brother, who is home in Huddersfield for a bit amid his exciting busy schedule of conferences across Europe (he's just spent a month in France). We are in interestingly different worlds lately. He has some good stories to tell, I just need to keep them in simple non mathsy terms that I can understand, and I can then amuse him with bits of business jargon I come across in my day.
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I definitely have more than Con 9, as this is the first time I've been properly ill in a long while. Unpleasant, unused to this. Some viral winter thing, everyone in my Tuesday night game has had it - I caught a cold while they were all suffering, was impressed by my immunity, then got the actual thing that everyone else has had. Through the 'actually dying' phase and now just in the 'about as much energy as a wet noodle' phase.

Cannot stress enough how un-fun this is.

On the plus side, once I was able to resume knitting (that was my litmus as to whether to call in sick - well enough to knit = should be at work) I managed to finish my green shawl. Helpfully, it used up exactly one ball of yarn, which leaves the other ball I bought for other projects. It'd make cool socks and was nice to work with.

Read more... )

Did not Valentines due to unhealth, also me & fella are bitter separees and unimpressed with the thing, and also it's kind of early days and V-day is all 'committed'. However, we are meeting up tonight to eat venison from the deer-breaking (or he is turning up at my house to cook venison while I stay mostly horizontal).
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I would be a:

Chaotic Good Half-Elf Sorcerer (3rd Level)

Ability Scores:
Strength- 9
Dexterity- 10
Constitution- 9
Intelligence- 16
Wisdom- 12
Charisma- 13


Love stats. Reducing complex characteristics to a set of numbers is so appealing.

I did this about six months ago. Have apparently become physically weaker, but morally stronger (neutral > good) and I've levelled up, which is always nice.

Don't want to be a sorcerer though sorcerers are rubbish >_<
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Anyone still on DW?
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Made a hat with ears & antlers )

Far too pleased with.

Wearing to work tomorrow.
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Work want us to take more holidays in January. My team leader emailed us all to the lines of 'why not take Friday off, miss the traffic, crack open that first ice cold beer...'

Damnit. This year I was going to be economical with my annual leave.

On the plus side, three day weekend are mine!
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I get through a lot of smoothies, this is an expensive habit. Don't know if my proposed fix is any less expensive, but it's fun. I want to label the bottle 'health potion'.

Sainsburys Value blender + bag of fruit and veg =

Contains: blueberries, banana, pear, beetroot, spinach, bit of root ginger, honey, OJ to make it runny enough to drink rather than eat with a spoon.

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, it's palatable, and that's more veg than I would eat in a week if left to own devices.
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I had to deal with seventy emails today. Actually a few more perhaps, was on 68 at 4pm and some more came in after that. Like waves of zombies, hard to keep down. This isn't typical - I'm on secondment, have a desk and chair, liking this, but there's lots of stuff to do all the time.

I am quite happy that it is the weekend. Tomorrow going to shop for wallpaper for my upstairs. Also have some quiet/alone time. Have been doing a lot of Things! lately and sometimes is good to have space without things.

Also, a minature is being made of my game character - the whole party are going to have little hand-made painted minis. Absurdly pleased with this. Pics when it's ready. It's a skittery little thing with claws.


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